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£ 0 /month
  • Advanced Reporting System
  • Rate Quantum Business Dashboard
  • Forecasting Module

Pricing Algorithm

£ 2 /month (per room)
  • Rate Quantum Auto Pricing
  • AI-assisted algorithm
  • Product support

Managed Model

  • Outsource your revenue operations to the creators of Rate Quantum
  • Discover how much your hotel can make with expert revenue management
  • Get in touch to discuss opportunities in detail and make an application

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Pricing Algorithm
£2/mo (per room)
Managed Model
Get in touch
Platform fee

Amounts being set out in the contract agreement.


£2/month (per room)

Get in touch

Activation fee

The cost of establishing a connection to Rate Quantum




Monthly users

Number of logins per hotel




Rate Quantum Analytics

Dashboards, reports, forecasting

PMS connectivity

Live API connection to your systems

Rate Quantum Pricing Algorithm

Report ongoing progress on the given payload.

Feedback Platform

Submit a support ticket with issues and feedback

Live Support

Product assistance and support

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you're new or looking for answers to your questions, this guide will help you learn more about our services and their features.

Rate Quantum analytics is completely free. Rate Quantum Algorithm has a 30 day exit clause at any point.

If your hotel is anywhere between 15 and 1000 rooms then the answer is yes.

A combination of benchmarking tests and results from existing customers show a 28% revenue increase. However it greatly depends on how well you've been doing up until that point.

Yes you can, Rate Quantum is there to assist you, not take over.

Yes, it's one of a few necessities prior to Rate Quantum going live. You either specify it at a property level or per day. Rate Quantum will never push a lower rate.

No, quite the opposite. The system was built to be a hands off solution - in fact many of our current users barely ever open it after going live. It runs itself and maximises your hotel revenue.

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