AI assisted hotel pricing.
It's about time.

It's crazy to think that hotel rooms are still being priced manually. What if airlines did it this way? Imagine the mess.

Rate Quantum. Welcome to 2024.

    Hotel Revenue Management
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    It's rocket science

    Rate Quantum is a system created by hotel revenue managers and built by a group of remarkable coders and developers.


    Data is the new oil

    The more you know about your business, the more revenue you will make. Simple as that. No more blind decisions. We are also strong believers that you should not pay to see your data. This is why Rate Quantum Analytics is free.

    • Actionable Insights
    • Forecasting Module
    • Completely Free
    Rate Quantum Source Dashboard
    Pricing Algorithm

    Likely the best auto pricing system on the planet.

    This is why Rate Quantum was created. Because there isn't such thing as a 'decent' rate. Hotel rate is either correct or it's not. And it should change with each room sold or day passed.

    • Completely hands off
    • Minimum rate input
    Rate Quantum Revenue Management Algorithm
    Managed Model

    Need a hand?

    Creators of Rate Quantum are in fact revenue managers who have worked with hundreds of hotels. Some of our clients delegate the entirety of their operations to us. Apply if you think that your hotel needs help.

    • No long term lock-in
    • Flexible contracts
    • Average growth of 28%
    Rate Quantum Revenue Management Dashboard

    Integrations with 3rd party plugins

    Integrate effortlessly with your favorite apps. Enhance functionality, boost efficiency, and streamline workflows.

    Real hotels, real people

    Discover how businesses like yours transformed with our system. Real stories of growth, innovation, and success.

    Remarkable results. We have used Rate Quantum in our hotel for just over 6 months and it's a completely hands off solution that maximises our revenue.

    Mahmood Badrudin

    Lancaster Court Hotel

    Rate Quantum Customer

    We used Rate Quantum Analytics to gain insight into our hotel and learn about the market. With a free product, you can't go wrong.

    Harpreet Singh

    Bexley Village Hotel

    Rate Quantum Customer

    Saves us hours every week and reacts early to any spikes or dips in occupancy. Consistently solid.

    Sam Surani

    Manor Exmouth Hotel

    Rate Quantum Customer

    I use Rate Quantum Analytics to gain a better understanding of how the market behaves and to learn about the hotels I work with. 10/10

    Hiral Shah


    Rate Quantum Customer

    A fantastic auto-pricing system, completely hands off and just delivered our best year ever.

    Barbara M.

    A hotel in London

    Rate Quantum Customer

    The one RMS that just works. The pricing algorithm is top class and free reports / dashboards are an eye opener.. Recommended to my entire network.

    Dean Koutras

    Real Estate Investor

    Rate Quantum Customer
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