Rate Quantum & Cloudbeds

We are delighted to have integrated with industry-leading PMS provider - Cloudbeds.

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Basic Functionality

What does Rate Quantum do?

Rate Quantum is an auto-pricing system. It connect to Cloudbeds, retrieves reservation information via the API, determines the prices and pushes them back to your PMS, all seamlessly and in real-time. 

It also gives you an extensive reporting system so you can learn more about your business.

Rate Quantum Source Dashboard

The cost of Rate Quantum

Rate Quantum costs £2 per month per hotel room. No other charges or fees. You can change your mind at any point.

  • Cancel any time
  • Flexible subscription

Rate Quantum pulls reservation data, produces analytics and sends back the correct pricing for your hotel. It can't account for channel discounts or commissions - be mindful of that when setting up your minimum rates.

You can disconnect it either via going into your Rate Quantum dashboard and then navigating to your user account or by disconnecting it directly from your Cloudbeds account. Instructions can be found here

Email us at or reach out to your onboarding specialist whom you will have met after signing up